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Studying with special needs

Are you studying with a disability or special needs, such as dyslexia, autism or a chronic illness? and you want to know how Saxion can help you? On this page you can find what kind of support, services and help you can get. 


Saxion has four types of facilities:

  • Educational facilities 

  • Examination facilities

  • Material facilities

  • Financial facilities


If you wish to use any of the above, you should contact a student counselor.  

Saxion also offers help for Talent Scheme students (formerly known as Top Class Sports). 

To find out what these facilities can mean for you, click below to find out!

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If you have dyslexia, some things may be more difficult for you, such as reading long texts or writing reports.


 There are some amenities that could help: 

  1. Language advice and coaching

  2. Test facilities

  3. Use of aids to study

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Informal Care

Is there someone in your home who is ill, disabled, addicted, or depressed? Do you often have to care for a family member? This can be very challenging especially in combination with studying. At Saxion we want to support you! 


You can apply for informal care status, making it easier for you to access resources.

For example

  • flexible attendance

  • recording of the lesson

  • alternative exams and more. 

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 Autism and ADHD

If you're autistic or have ADHD there are  facilities to help you study. 


For example 

  • You can spread your study activities or internship

  • For exams: extension of exam time and a quiet room

  • You have priority to use the library concentration room

  • In case of study delay: financial support via Saxion. 

If you want to know more you can click the button below or talk with a student counselor. 

Financial help

If you need help financially, there are possibilities for you. 

  • Amenities for special circumstances

  • Student grants and regulations

  • Regulations Profileringsfond

  • Provision for top-class sport, art or culture

  • Emergency provision

  • Provision for student participation in teams and committees

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Even though corona isn't that talked about anymore, a lot of people still suffer the consequences.  


Maybe you belong to a vulnerable target group and you don't feel safe yet. Or you got corona and suffer long symptoms from it.


Saxion has some amenities that could help you. Find out more here!

Menigte van mensen met maskers
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