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Brainstorm Your Well-being Initiative!

Have you got ideas to improve student’s wellbeing at Saxion? Participate in the Student Initiatives brainstorm session. €10,000 budget is available to implement the winners' initiatives. A facilitator makes sure the brainstorming vibes turn on.

Who: Students with ideas to improve our Saxion student’s wellbeing

When: 16.00 to 20.00, 25th May 2023

Where: Saxion Enschede Grand Café

The event will be conducted in the English language

Included: Food, drinks, and facilitator to guide our shared brainstorming process.

Drinks and food are included. This idea generation event is waiting for you. Make a difference for yourself and other students. Sign up!

The Student Initiatives Project offers students possibilities to have a positive impact on quality of their learning environment. The project has started in 2021 and lasts till 2024, with a yearly budget to grant applications of students. Applications for student initiatives can be submitted by study associations or individual students. Ideas and applications should focus on improving project-based learning, student support and/or their physical and online learning environment. To stimulate students to generate ideas and submit applications, the project team is organising this brainstorm.

When you are one of the winn

ers, you will receive the budget as soon as a project plan for your initiative is created. We understand developing such project plan and executing the project might be challenging. Therefore, we offer the winning teams support to realise the idea when necessary.

Looking forward to generating great initiatives!

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