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Mental Health

A lot of students cope with different kinds of mental health problems. We can help you with this. Here you find more information about stress, loneliness, panic or anxiety, depression etc. Educational videos and tips are found below. If you want to know how Saxion can help you, click on the Study Success Centre button to find out. 


Read here what autism is, what it means for you and where you can go to get help from Saxion.

Panic or anxiety

Read all about anxiety and panic here, what you can do to feel less anxious.


Read here what depression means, what you can possibly do to feel better and who could help you within Saxion.


Read all about adhd/add here. What it means for you, how you can recognize behavior, and how Saxion could help.


Read all about addiction here and where to get possible help. 

Self esteem

Read here what low self esteem means and how you can gain more confidence.  


Read here what exactly stress is, what symptoms there are, what causes too much stress and how to reduce it. 


Read all about loneliness here. Stories from others, but also what you can do about it.

If your problem or question isn't mentioned, click the buttons below to find a list of other mental health problems or disorders the Study Success Centre can help you with. 

Student psychologists


Studying is fun, but it's also tough. It is a period in life where a lot happens. Sometimes things don't work out as hoped, and you may need help. In this case you can contact a student psychologist. They will try to help you during a few sessions and give you the advice you need. They're here for support.